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Modular Architecture


inMailX modules help users save time and become more productive and responsible when managing and processing emails and attachments in Microsoft Outlook.  inMailX also assists IT managers and business executives with reducing management and administration overheads, as well as enforcing corporate policies.

inMailX offers six modules: Email Manager; Attachment Manager; Content Manager; Print Manager, Time Manager, Brand Manager   Each module is carefully designed to simplify your Microsoft Outlook experience and save you valuable time and money.

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The combined features and functionality of all inMailX modules include:


Email Manager (EM)
 - Ability to Send & File, Close & File
 - Forced Filing on Send, Purge Filed
 - Customisable Favorite and Recent Folders 
 - Quick File to Favorite or Recent Folders
 - File Attachments to Favorite or Recent Folders
 - Universal Folder Navigation and Search
 - Subject and/or Description Editing when Filing
 - Disable Reply, Reply All and/or Forward
 - Enhanced Notifier with Filing
 - Optional EDRMS Connectors 
      (File System, SharePoint, TRIM, WebDAV, Worksite, Worldox)


  Attachment Manager (AM)
- Remove metadata in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF attachments
- Active and passive conversion of email attachments into PDFs
- Order, combine and bookmark multiple attachments into a single PDF
- Secure PDF content with read password
- Protect PDF content by disabling copying, modifying and/or printing
- Combine and compress attachments into ZIP
- Secure and protect ZIP files with read password
- Rename individual attachments while composing emails
- Reorder email attachments in any desired sequence
- Undo/Redo to quickly revert actions performed on attachments


  Content Manager (CM)
- Personal content to reduce repetitive typing
- Global content to standardise emails across the firm
- Assign default subject to each content entry
- Support Favourite links to Personal and Global items
- Manage and add personal content on the fly
- Ask and Prompt functions to personalize content
- Global content updated on Outlook startup
- Standalone Global content editor


  Print Manager (PM)
- Ability to Send & Print*, Close & Print
- Selective email message and attachments printing
- Truncate printing to specified number of conversation threads
- Print tracked changes in Word attachments
- Print all worksheets in Excel attachments
- Cover page showing print summary
- Save paper by printing only the most recent email conversation threads

*Send & Print only works in conjunction with the Email Manager module


  Brand Manager (BM)
 - Integrates Outlook signatures and forms with Active Directory (AD)
 - Uses intelligent Outlook signature templates and forms
 - Optional AD fields display only if they contain data
 - Hide specific AD fields per user
 - Alias fields replacement
 - Supports multiple Outlook email signatures
 - Generate multiple signatures per user using signature aliases
 - Control signature templates deployment using NTFS/AD permissions
 - Standardise and deploy corporate email forms


  Time Manager (TM)
- Schedule email follow-up activities
- Send & Schedule Task/Appointment
- Read & Schedule Task/Appointment
- File & Schedule* Task/Appointment
- Configurable Scheduling Policies
- Use Subject, Insert Header
- Include Body, Insert Message
- Prompt and Auto Save

*File & Schedule only works in conjunction with the Email Manager module







































inMailX modules may be purchased separately or bundled in two cost effective suites, inMailX Standard or inMailX Professional.

inMailX Standard includes the following modules:

  • Attachment Manager (AM)
  • Content Manager (CM)
  • Print Manager (PM)

inMailX Professional includes the following modules:

  • Email Manager (EM)
  • Attachment Manager (AM)
  • Content Manager (CM)
  • Print Manager (PM)
  • Time Manager (TM)
  • Brand Manager (BM)

Each inMailX Module, Suite and Optional Connector is licensed per named user, therefore organisations must purchase as many licenses as their total number of individual named users using inMailX.

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