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Improve Business Performance

inMailX is an integrated enterprise email management, compliance and productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook and third party document management systems, which helps users create, file and organise emails and attachments; Clean, Rename, Reorder, PDF, ZIP email attachments, manage and deploy multiple corporate email signatures, and more.

     Screenshot_300_Filing Window

inMailX' Filing Window enables you to perform many functions in one click

inMailX can help staff and administrators to:

  • Create, file and organise emails, tasks and appointments in one click
  • Print email content and attachments selectively and simultaneously
  • Save paper by printing only the most recent email conversation threads
  • File emails to single or multiple locations in one process
  • Reorder and rename attachments on the fly
  • Combine, bookmark and secure multiple attachments to PDF in one click
  • Remove metadata from Word, Excel or PDF attachments
  • Compress (ZIP) attachments whilst composing emails
  • Reduce repetitive typing by composing emails with quick text
  • Standardise and deploy corporate email forms and signatures
  • Prevent individual users from changing specific settings
  • Schedule follow up tasks and appointments when reading or sending emails
  • Improve compliance with corporate policies and control user access to certain features

When used with its optional connectors, inMailX integrates seamlessly with Cloud and Network folders, SharePoint, TRIM/HP Records Manager, Worksite, Worldox, NetDocuments, and WebDAV repositories, helping staff improve their email management and filing compliance.

inMailX eliminates the distraction of switching between applications by bringing together most of the tools and functionality staff need to to effectively manage emails, attachments and content inside Outlook.  With inMailX staff can improve their compliance, productivity and quality of work, while maintaining focus and reducing operational errors. 

Find out more information about inMailX by checking out the inMailX product page!

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