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HPE Information Management & Governance Forum 2017


inMailX by Digitus is excited to be exhibiting and presenting at the HPE IMGF 2017 events being held in Perth - 23rd May, Melbourne - 30th May, Sydney - 1st June, Canberra - 3rd August & Brisbane - 4th August.

Leverage inMailX User Experience to Drive HPE Content Manager Adoption

inMailX is an enterprise email management, compliance and productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook and Document Management Systems.  It enables organizations to deliver a comprehensive and diverse set of intuitive and flexible tools, which empowers users to be more productive and accountable when managing emails, attachments and content.

As a single Outlook add-in, inMailX enables users to work with multiple records and document management systems, network and cloud repositories from one common interface, including HPE Content Manager, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Network Folders etc.

inMailX for HPE Content Manager provides a simple and intuitive Outlook client for HPE Content Manager, enabling users to work with containers, emails, documents, records, actions and workflows from their familiar Outlook interface.

inMailX Modules offer powerful, flexible and easy to use tools and features, namely:

  • Email Manager – provides quick email and attachments filing, as well as integration with EDRMS, Cloud Repositories and Network Shares via optional Connectors;
  • Attachment Manager - enables users to easily Clean Metadata, Convert to PDF, Compress to ZIP, Rename, Reorder and Restrict email attachments 'on the fly';
  • Content Manager – helps standardise and streamline email communication via personal and global email content templates;
  • Print Manager – enables users to selectively print emails or attachments from one window, truncate email conversation threads, and auto-categorise printed emails to save paper;
  • Time Manager – allows users to schedule follow-up appointments and tasks, when reading, sending or filing email messages, and ensure that deadlines are not missed;
  • Brand Manager – provides the ability to centrally manage Outlook signatures for all users across the organisation, with support for generating multiple signatures for 'send on behalf' emails.

inMailX Connectors integrate Outlook with a variety of document management systems, including:

  • HPE Content Manager
  • SharePoint
  • Cloud Repositories
  • Network Shares

See how our inMailX solution can benefit federal, state and local government agencies and other organisations by viewing our video.

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Megan Kennedy
Business Development Manager
Digitus Information Systems

+61 404 807 167


Come and visit us in the exhibitor area to see a live inMailX demonstration, and experience the power, flexibility and productivity improvements that can be delivered by inMailX.  If you are already familiar with inMailX, stop by to get an update on what’s new in the latest version.


To register for this event, please go to HPE IMGF 2017 Registration Page.

About Digitus Information Systems

Digitus Information Systems ("Digitus") is an innovative and dynamic Australian software company committed to excellence in providing smarter business tools and productivity solutions.  Digitus is the developer of inMailX, which is widely used in government departments, councils, universities, legal firms and other organizations.